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"Each work in [her exhibition] Utsuroi testifies to Ms. Inkyo’s incomparable skill acquired through countless hours of practice and performances. She is a master calligrapher.Here, in this exhibition, she has arranged the beauty of her Shōdō in an open circle of interrelationships, based on an authentic spirit of enlightenment. The installation forms an ensou of sorts that reflects the openness of her artistic journey at this point in her career."

Beth S. Gersh-Nešić

Ph.D., Director and Owner, New York Arts Exchange, LLC


"I’m thrilled to have collaborated nationally and Internationally with Masako for many years. Her work ethics and dedication has produced some of the finest Japanese Calligraphy in modern times. I’m proud of her artistic accomplishments that will be remembered and cherished for years to come!"

Greg McKenzie

President , FingerNail Moon Inc.


"It was great fortune that we were able to invite internationally-known, esteemed calligrapher Inkyo sensei to Vermont. Both college students and local residents who have little exposure to Japanese culture attended her demonstration. From the moment she picked up her brush, her acute concentration mesmerized the crowd. On the other hand, during the workshop to follow, she guided first-time calligraphy students with a most relaxed demeanor. As a performer and calligraphy teacher, she is a true professional."

Masa Takahashi

Japanese Language Faculty, Middlebury College

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